Business VoIP

Neural’s business grade VoIP services provide everything you need to upgrade your business phone to the latest generation of voice over IP telephony.

VoIP services - Neural Networks

Our unique approach provides the extended feature set and cost saving benefits of VoIP without the risks commonly associated with being on the cutting edge.

Our network is used by thousands of people every day, including the staff of some of Australia’s most well known brands. Neural Networks is the smart choice for your business VoIP requirements.

Get it now for only:

*Fair usage policy applies, excludes usage charges.

Our Neural Business VOIP boosts a great range of features

The best package on the market today

  • Australia’s leading VoIP call quality, guaranteed*
  • Highly reliable, dependable, business-grade service
  • True, proven 99.99% SLA – our uptime is unmatched
  • Unlimited connected devices and trunks
  • Phone numbers in any of our national number locations
  • No contract periods, minimums or commitments
  • Powerful, easy to use web control panel (see below)
Neural Business VOIP

Cut your monthly phone bill down to size

With no setup costs, no line rental and unbeatable call rates – you can’t afford not to switch to Neural Business VoIP. Thousands of businesses around Australia are already experiencing the huge cost saving benefits of VoIP technology and now you can too, with absolutely no risk.

Call Rates

Call destination Rate
Local Calls 12c untimed, anytime
Australian standard land lines 12c untimed, anytime
Australian mobiles 18c per minute
1300 numbers 25c untimed
1800 numbers Free
International calls Starting at 2c See table

Service Addons

Service Rate
Additional phone numbers Available
1300/1800 numbers see table
Fax to e-mail learn more
Neural Business VoIP

The most reliable VoIP service available – we put our money on it

The most reliable VoIP service

Partner with Neural and experience the best business grade VoIP service can be. We maintain a 99.99% available service, including a contracted service level agreement – giving you peace of mind that your critical business phone services will always be working when you need them. We monitor our network 24x7 to ensure everything is operating as it should be. On top of this our “N+1” architecture ensures there’s always “two of everything” – ensuring that in the unlikely event that something fails, it won’t affect your service.

  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement
  • 24×7 network monitoring and on-call support
  • N+1 architecture means there’s always “two of everything”

Our services reliability has been put to the test during the floods across the East Coast of Australia in 2011 and proven 100% successful. We had zero downtime throughout the entire crisis and kept all of our customers online by diverting their calls for them while they couldn’t reach their offices.

Sounds the same or better than a regular call

We have one of the highest quality VoIP networks in the country, which allows us to provide you with our sound quality guarantee. We guarantee that your calls will sound at least the same, if not better than a regular phone call. Our premium network enables to be one of the only VoIP providers in Australia able to provide this promise.

  • Call sound quality guarantee
  • Australia’s highest VoIP call quality
  • Premium connectivity ensures no packet loss and extremely low jitter
  • Hardware echo cancellation and audio processing
  • Direct connections (Private-IP) available for “internet free” VoIP
quality VoIP networks

Powerful, flexible and easy to use

All of our VoIP service includes an easy to use web interface that allows you to configure, monitor and control your service quickly and easily from any web browser. You can order numbers, create accounts, browse and export call listings, create contact lists, divert your numbers and more! It even works on iPhone’s, iPad’s and Android phones & tablets.

Export call log data - Neural Networks

Export call log data (live & historical)

Configure and monitor security options - Neural Networks

Configure and monitor security options

Drill down usage reporting - Neural Networks

Drill down usage reporting by account

View Call logs

View Call logs (inbound, outbound, missed, technical)

Provision accounts & trunks - Neural Networks

Provision accounts & trunks

Instant order phone numbers and ranges - Neural Networks

Instant order phone numbers and ranges

Route and divert phone numbers - Neural Networks

Route and divert phone numbers

Business VoIP - Neural Networks

Much, much more

Pre-configured, ready to use equipment available - Business VoIP
Pre-configured, ready to use equipment available - Business VoIP

Pre-configured, ready to use equipment available

Next-day shipping on pre-configured, ready to use equipment is available, including desk phones, conference phones, cordless phones, headsets and more. We configure, test and ship equipment to you – all you need to do is plug it in to your existing network, connect the power – and you’re ready to start making calls.

Compatible with your on-site PBX

Neural’s Business VoIP offering is compatible with practically all industry-standard IP-PBX solutions, including…

3CX Software PBX for Windows - Neural is a 3CX Partner

3CX Software PBX for Windows (Neural is a 3CX Partner)

Cisco Call Manager - Neural Networks

Cisco Call Manager

Asterisk - Neural Networks

Asterisk (1.4 and later) and AsteriskNOW (all versions)

Microsoft Lync Server - Neural Networks

Microsoft Lync Server

Trixbox, FreePBX and other Asterisk-based, Open-Source PBX systems

Trixbox, FreePBX and other Asterisk-based, Open-Source PBX systems

OpenSER, Kamailio and SIP Express Router

OpenSER, Kamailio and SIP Express Router