Logging into your account for the first time

How to Cancel a service


When cancelling a service, any and all data, phone number, IP addresses and other materials associated with it will be lost. Ensure that you make a copy of any data, port any phone numbers and re-assign any IP addresses you would like to keep before performing the cancellation procedure below.

1. Log in to Portal (as the account with the service you wish to cancel)

2. Click the services tab

3. Click the Options button next to the service


4. Select Cancel

5. Verify your cancellation request in the popup box

You will receive an e-mail notification when cancellation is confirmed to be completed.

Portal URL's for IAB Group Brands

The Portal application is available under several different URL’s for different IAB group brands. It’s important that you use the correct one appropriate to the brand that you purchase from.

Neural Networks:






Note that if you have a white labelling service, you may instead use the URL for your own white label version of Portal.

Setting up Notifications

Notifications for certain usage milestones and events can be set up for both RSPs and customers.

1. Log in to Portal

2. To set up notifications go to the My Profile tab

3. Click Notifications

4. All notification types will be displayed – the contact information is populated as per the information entered in the Primary User’s profile

5. The notifications we strongly recommend are set up are Bandwidth Quota Usage:

6. And Cloud Backup (if being used)

Authorised Staff

Authorised staff allow you to specify which representatives from your company can discuss your services and account with Neural, as well as specifying which email addresses can use any email to fax, etc. services.

Creating an Authorised Staff Member

From the Customer Portal…

(1) select the My Account tab

(2) Click the Authorised Staff Button

(3) To create a new authorised staff member, click the Add an Authorised Staff Member button.


(4) You will be presented with the Add / Modify Authorised Staff Member page. Please ensure all fields marked with * are completed. Below the staff member’s details, select the appropriate permissions for your staff member.


Log In – Allows the staff member to log in to systems such as Portal. When combined with Service Usage they will also be able to log into Communicator and other service-based applicaitons.

Service Usage – Allows the staff member to use their email account to send faxes or SMS messages.

Sales & Provisioning – The staff member can order new services, discuss current orders and review service pricing and rates.

Support – The staff member can make technical changes to services, discuss existing support matters and lodge new support tickets with our support team.

Accounts – The staff member can discuss invoicing with our accounts team, as well as review service pricing and rates.

Once you have set the appropriate permissions, click the Save Changes button and repeat for each staff member who requires access.

Adding Contacts

When you add contacts to your account you gain access to the following features:

They will appear in your contact list for click-to-call (Communicator)
They will appear in your Call, SMS, Fax and other history logs under their name, rather than just contact number.

When they call your PBX or Business VoIP service, their name will appear in the caller ID
You can create contact groups, which allows you to send bulk SMS, Fax and Postal messages to multiple contacts at once.

There are 3 ways to add contacts to your account – please choose your preferred method from the list below for more information…

Manually Add Contacts:


Import Contacts from Microsoft Outlook:


Import contacts from another system (MYOB, Medical Director, etc…) using CSV files:


Finding the ID of my Service

In some instances, Neural may request the ID of a particular service for an enquiry or API request. To find your service ID, please login to Customer Portal (https://portal.neural.net.au).

Your Service

Once logged in, select the My Services tab (1), find the service in question, click the Info button (2) and note the Service ID (3)

Your Customer’s Service

Once logged in, select the Customer Services tab (1), locate the desired customer and click on the service name (2)


On the Service page, select Show service information


Finally, take note of the service ID field


Service Ordering Process Diagram


What is an order e-mail address?

When an order is submitted through the portal system, it is assigned a unique order ID, which is used as part of a unique order e-mail address.

All updated regarding the order will come from this special e-mail address and any correspondence pertaining to the order, should be either e-mailed to this address or submitted through the portal application. This helps ensure that all parties involved in the order have comprehensive access to relevant details and updates.

What is a Service Delivery Target (SDT)

A service delivery target (SDT) defines the average amount of time taken for completion of an order of a particular type. It is used as an indicator of roughly how long an order of a particular type is expected to take on average.

Factors taken into account to determine SDT’s are:
Average provisioning time of previous orders of the same type
Weekends and National Public Holidays

Factors not taken into account in an SDT is:
Quoting and pre-order-confirmation discussion and negotiation
Paperwork / contract completion and return
Invoicing and payment turnaround for setup invoices
Customer requested delay / offset
External factors such as MSD’s (Mass service disruptions)
Natural disasters
Incorrect order information
Non-standard complexity of orders

Due to the number of variables outside of the scope of the SDT, it should be used as a guide only and should only be described as a rough estimate, never as a guarantee either verbally or contractually.

The service delivery target for products can be viewed in the pricebook, at the bottom of your desired product’s panel.


Ticket Severity Scale

When you log a ticket with Neural, we classify the severity of the enquiry based on a standardised scale.

The scale is as follows…

Urgent – The business has ceased trading / is completely unable to operate because of the problem

High – A major part of the business is non-operational / the business is losing money because of the problem

Normal – The problem is causing an inconvenience, but is not having a major impact on the business

Low – This is a question / enquiry / change request

The severity is initially determined by…

When a ticket is logged via phone…

The severity will be determined by the agent or technician at the time the ticket is logged.

When the ticket is logged via e-mail…

Tickets default to medium priority. If this is not the case, we recommend either logging the ticket via the support portal, or requesting a Neural technician change the priority once logged.

When the ticket is logged via the support portal…

You may specify the ticket severity when logging a ticket. We ask that you do so according to the scale above.

Change of severity…

A Neural technician or agent may update the severity of the ticket at any time as the ticket is evaluated, or as the ticket progresses.

A note on High and Urgent tickets…

When a ticket is logged with High priority, automated ticket escalation occurs within our ticketing system notifying senior technical staff of the ticket automatically.

When a ticket is logged with an Urgent priority, both senior technical staff as well as management staff are notified automatically.

For this reason, users abusing this system by logging tickets incorrectly logged with High or Urgent severity on an ongoing basis may be banned from creating tickets of this severity.  Please ensure that ticket severity is always logged in accordance with the scale set out above.
How do I order new services?

Many sub-components of existing services can be ordered instantly online using Neural’s web interfaces. For example, phone numbers for pbx, voice and fax services can be ordered instantly using termination manager (http://termination.neural.net.au/).

To order entire new services (such as a new PBX or server) please contact neural sales via https://www.neural.com.au/contact

How do I access my new service?

Many of our services come with detailed web interfaces and applications that allow you to configure and utilise the service.

The best starting point is the customer portal, located at https://portal.neural.net.au

When you sign up for a new service one of our friendly sales staff will send you the documentation, links, usernames and initial passwords you need to get started with your new service.

If you’re unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to check the knowledge base, contact sales, or contact support as applicable.