Almost everyone who owns a PC/Laptop knows who Microsoft are, and Microsoft Office suite is considered the industry standard in office suites. We all know how great Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are, as these are the core of most businesses today. Now with the changes in technology more and more of us are using mobile devices.

With new technology comes new challenges and Microsoft have really embraced the challenges with Office 365.  Now you can move your documents, spreadsheets and presentations around seamlessly and securely.

Effectively Microsoft has taken the Office suite and put it in the cloud, which by itself is great but they didn’t stop there. By acquiring companies like Skype you now have an office suite with video-conferencing. My favorite part of Office 365 is that because it’s all in the cloud, it’s always up to date, no more full product downloads before you can start working on a new device, now instead of “Plug n Play” its “Login n Go”.

Being on the cloud allows you to make sure that you are also backed up to the cloud as well (no more lost data). Migration to Office 365 may seem a little daunting but don’t worry there are great programs (like SKYKICK) out there that will make migration and backup a lot easier for you. Wherever your people are in the world they can all come together with Office 365.

Office 365 has proven itself to be a truly integrated office suite that offers top of the line security along with great privacy tools.