Phone Numbers

Neural takes an all new approach to phone numbers

Forget What You Know About Phone Numbers

Neural takes an all new approach to phone numbers. Our voice services are “non-geographic”, meaning you can…

  • Move office and your phone number comes with you instantly
  • Have more than one phone number on a single phone
  • Have a phone number in a different location to your physical location (ie. answer Melbourne phone number in your Sydney office)

All phone numbers on our distributed cloud phone network are completely flexible and can be instantly routed, diverted, switched between services and more – instantaneously!

Bulk Numbers or Ranges

Numbers can be purchased individually, or in ranges of 10, 20, 50, or 100. Ranges of custom sizes are also available. Please contact us for a quote if you wish to purchase a range. We also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers.

Inbound Number Locations

Please see the table below for a complete list of our Inbound number locations. You can find pricing information for adding numbers to a monthly serice on the product information page for the individual product you would like to add numbers to.

Numbers can be purchased for any location, regardless of the location of the physical service. For example, you could use your PBX from Brisbane, but have Sydney and Melbourne number attached to it.

Once you have an account with Neural, you can order additional numbers online through the customer portal, in many cases the process is instantaneous.

Inbound Number Locations
Capital Cities
Other Locations
Gold Coast
Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast)
Port Macquarie
And Many More Locations…