Migration Suites


Project Automation for a better prepared and
stressless Office 365 migration

Project Automation for a better prepared and stressless Office 365 migration

Office 365 Migration Project Automation

Neural has availed the Skykick Migration Suite which has been purposely designed to make life easier for our IT Partners. It achieves this by removing the complexity and automating the entire Office 365 migration process, from pre-sales all the way to project completion.

SkyKick Migrate Automation

Most people are aware that email migration projects can be extremely involved, timely and stressful projects, making Skykick Migration Suite an ideal solution for a seamless move to the cloud based Office 365.

Skykick developed the Migration Suite for IT partners to be empowered and armed it as an automated migration tool for Office 365, allowing for an accelerated migration for businesses to the cloud. The comprehensive platform allows for the management, planning and provisioning for every variety of Office 365 Migration, ensuring no loss of data and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Most migration tools tend to focus on moving the server-side data, but that is only a portion of the migration project. SkyKick utilises technology that allows for up to 90% of the process to be automated. This assists with the management of some of the important parts the migration project and allows the project to be scheduled at a time that suits the customer.

Office 365 Migrations that Deliver Value to your Customers and Save you Time

Cloud business is showing tremendous growth and migrating SMB customers to Office 365 has proven a great opportunity to build a successful foundation for many IT Partners, although the time to migrate has often caused customers to reconsider the migration.

SkyKick technology will empower Neurals partners to take advantage of the opportunity that Office 365 presents and the ability to leverage sales whilst delivering guaranteed customer value.

Skykick Migration Suite with its project automation tool greatly reduces the involvement and time of almost any migration. The provided migration and management tools are first class and are designed to allow for the expansion of your customer base.

The in depth discovery and configuration options help partners quote and deliver migrations tailored to each customer’s unique business requirements. This ultimately leads to a greater end-user experience and a higher sales conversion rate.

Office 365 Migration Project Automation


Automation for predictable, seamless Exchange to Office 365 cloud migrations

Skykick is the only option for almost any Exchange to Office 365 migration. Whether it’s basic email, calendar and contacts data to email signature blocks, rules and calendar permissions, Skykick allows for seamless migration of your customers from any Microsoft Exchange Server to Outlook 365 with ease and minimal risk. Additionally, all the following versions of Exchange are supported: 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Neural is always looking to assist our IT partners to deliver customer value, reduce complexity and increase sales revenue and the Skykick Migration Suite delivers on this. SkyKick allows technical teams to plan and deliver the simplest methods of migration to SMB customers that are moving from Exchange to Office 365.

IMAP to Office 365 cloud migrations

POP3/IMAP to Office 365 email migrations have never been easier than with Skykick Server Sync and Skykick Outlook Assistant working in sync to migrate both server-side and client-side data, including contacts, calendars, email categories, and much more.

Migration tools that concentrate on transferring only server-side data tend to miss valuable information that may be stored only on the client side of a POP3 and IMAP email environment. The Skykick Migration Suite allows IT Partners to automate the entire migration process, regardless of where the data may be stored, removing the need for any manual interjection to move client-side data, settings and profiles to ensure customers have a familiar look and feel when they start their journey with Office 365.

Google to Office 365 cloud migrations, automated and seamless

Skykick ensures a simple, automated migration from Google to Office 365. Inclusive of all the data stored in Gmail and Google Calendar and even including labels and contacts, it’s designed to move all your data to Outlook 365 faster and with almost no risk of data loss.

Server Sync has been developed to minimise the impact of Google data transfer limits and accommodates for migration and usage of your Gmail account simultaneously. SkyKick technology assists by providing the smoothest transition from Google’s Email Label organisational structure by allowing the option to map the migrating mail to either folders or categories within Outlook, giving your customers options.


The Skykick Migration Suite allows our IT Partners to deliver a high-quality, secure and seamless transition to the Office 365. So rest easy and know that the migration will be simplified and seamless experience for your customers.

Further it will reduce the time from quote to migration completion and that allows partners to assist more of their customers in a more timely manner.

Why use Neural for your Skykick Migration to O365?

At Neural, we know there is a big difference between migrating a few desk-less workers and migrating an entire enterprise-level organisation.

That’s why Skykick offers three different migration products to meet each of your customer’s unique environment.

Data-Only Email Migrations

Just need to move email data? This is the migration option that is designed for those customers with employees that are deskless, project workers or Mac shops.


Migration Planner

Automated mailbox discovery, Auto-Match mailbox, and source-side impersonation make scheduling migrations fast and efficient.


Migration Sync

Skykick Server Sync technology offers accurate data quality and minimal risk, without the effort required to manage migration passes.


Migration Manager

Stay up-to-date on the progress with Migration Manager as it automatically manages the migration for you.

Small Business Migration Suite


Migration Planner

With this application you can plan, configure and the process is streamlined and analysis your customer’s Exchange email environment and at the same time scoping your project.


Server Sync

Server Sync keeps all the critical pieces of your Exchange to Office 365 transition in sync all the time. Data is automatically synced before, during, and after cutover to virtually eliminate data migration risk, and with easy-to-make adjustments just in case the migration date changes.


Outlook Assistant

Outlook assistant works with Server Sync to finalize the migration, thus ensuring every desktop is ready to migrate. The Outlook Assistant performs local PST migrations and retains extras like address autocomplete, signature blocks, and Outlook profiles, so users feel at home when they get to Office 365.


Migration Tracker

Now you can easily track, monitor, and take action on all your migration projects from a single dashboard. As the automation progresses, you remain in control to make any adjustments to ensure a seamless cutover.

Enterprise Migration Suite

Here you can see project automation for large, staged, or multi-server Office 365 migrations


Migration Planner

We supply a web-based application that provides the information and organization that you need to create a detailed migration plan with less time and effort.


Migration Sync

Migration Sync will perform large cutover or staged migrations with ease, at the same time keeping the critical pieces in sync, and automatically adjusting your original migration plan, if necessary.


Outlook Assistant

Working alongside Migration Sync this helps manage and finalize the migration. Any issues are proactively dealt with, the means that end-users are ready for Office 365 even before they’re migration process starts.


Migration Tracker

Migration Manager is the hub for you to manage your migration business. The information rich dashboards keep you up-to-date on all of your migrations, and the stages they are at.


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